Our Achivements

We are an AgriTech company aiming to use tech to revolutionize and promote organic farming and the agribusiness value chain by particularly empowering small/medium scale organic farmers to become more productive as well as ensuring farm produce is traceable, natural and pesticide-free.

We are creating a sustainable safe, productive and transparent farming and food supply chain to solve endemic food insecurity, underutilization of resources and rising youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa. We are creating hardware and software tools to enable smart farming and increase of yields. Our innovation also introduces a tool to monitor farmers’ planting process to be free of chemicals and harmful pesticide for better growing cycles and culture. We also promote sustainable seedling project to encourage farmers to grow crops with the right seeds and fertilizers in place. Our e-commerce feature also provides logistics and off-take of farmers’ products from the farm to the market.


Farming Process ₦0.00
Tech Enabled Monitoring ₦0.00
Traceability ₦1.00
Logistics ₦1.00
Manufacturing ₦1.00


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