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  1. Do you own or have a farmland somewhere within Nigeria?
  2. Will you like us to get you a suitable piece of farmland within Nigeria.
  3. Do you know someone that has a spacious area and maybe interested in Agriculture?
  4. Do you want to own an Agricultural project but do not have a land space to go about it?


  1. We can help you get suitable farmland for your specific product with the best strategy possible
  2. If you have a housing space/community centre, we will help access and provide everything needed to start your organic farm
  3. You can invest in our company to own a piece of an ongoing project with great returns
  4. Can you link us to someone that is interested in growing organic?


  1. We inspect, survey, advice and do the farming ourselves with a professional team of experts.
  2. We project all sales/manufacturing/logistics and other options with the idea of getting of the best for both parties.
  3. We are responsible for sales of products except otherwise.
  4. Provide/Buy Land with us and we will take care of all other processes in a result for a total organic culture.


Contact us let’s give you a full breakdown of the process and how we can work together in achieving a better and saner agricultural practice with high profit in mind

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Our Priority is Protecting The Environment

Organic farming is much more than choosing not to use chemical pesticides, fertilizer and genetically modified organisms,  growth hormones and plant antibiotics. It is a wholesome method of relying on renewable materials, crop and livestock production for a healthy living!”


Minimize Soil Degradation

Farm Key is to create environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially for food and agricultural systems. Emphasis is placed on renewable resources and the management of self-regulating ecological and biological processes and interactions in order to provide acceptable levels of crop, livestock, and human nutrition, protection from pests and diseases, and an appropriate return to the human and other resources employed.

Farm Key Traceability

Traceability: With +$22 Billion for food traceability market which is quite young as at today but going at 9.8% annually for an obtainable market in revenue. Our app makes it easier to trace the food origin, how to quarantine it (If it’s a food borne disease, section it off to make sure it doesn’t reach a larger population after detection. Traceability can be captured with as little as proper labeling and our technology.

Optimized Seedling Company

We are involved in selling healthier seedlings and other required accessories needed for organic farming processes, bought at wholesale from them and supplied to the farmers, knowing fully well that this is for the introduction period only before we optimize a proper seedling company to aid the production of proper organic products for everyone.

Logistics, Manufacturing & Sales

Manufacturing: In Nigeria, there is a large waste of agricultural produce which is evident in every market across boards. Either due to pricing, storage, transporting or general logistics. This also means that rural people without links to the urban centres also sell at ridiculously cheap prices. How do we convert raw to finished products and export.

Logistics: Conveying these products from end to end safely.


Organic Farming provides a great opportunity for working as a volunteer for training students to learn all about organic agriculture and appreciate organic farming and wholesome living relying on locally available renewable materials.

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Maintain long-term Soil Fertility
Maintain Biological Diversity
Materials & Resources
Prepare Organic Products
Testing Capacity
Optimize Productivity
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Farm Key Organics is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


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