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We bring in fresh farmers in 2 ways: Those who have any amount of space around them, those that want to purchase farmland while we work and those that want to invest in a farmer/own a piece


We will ensure review of all lands are certified organic before proceeding to provide the needed facilities to undergo your preferred product and monitor the complete process from farming to harvest.

Fresh Meat

Prepare for post-harvest sales, manufacturing, exporting. To provide an inclusive and proficient digital marketplace that trains, hires and engages certified organic farmers as well as execute real agric projects.

Citric Fruits

Valuable services to homes and corporate organizations. Key services extends from in-home farming, outdoor, and old farm improvement to virgin lands and minor remodeling with subscription packages.

Organic Farms
Organic Products
Malls & Supermarkets
Farm Key pave the way for a green world!

Going green is natural!

Our model will help us grow more natural food which reducing foods infested with chemicals and harmful pesticides. How do we ascertain our foods are hygienically planted and prepared before we eat. Our solution step process will guarantee it in the platform, quality seed, fertilizers, labour for large scale farmers and landowners, mentoring and smart technology.



Our grand vision is to create a safe, sustainable and transparent farming and food supply chain for the people.


Within our first five year into operation, the principal focus is the Nigeria market. SOUTH WEST municipal would serve as pilot and spring board towards gaining access into other viable locations and target market in Nigeria.
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Farming in harmony with Organic LifeStyle

FarmKey Holistic way of Living

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Livestock Farming

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Farmland Wildlife

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The Experts at Organic Farming

Agriculture Specialists in Service

Oladunjoye Marufah

AG Organics

Oreitan Qozeem

AG Economics

Akintola Abdallah

AG Economics

Omotayo Akeem

AG Research

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Farm Key Value for Life

Care of the Livestock & Plants

Manufacturing & Logistics
Organic Produce of Outstanding Quality
Modern Farming Methods
Organic Fruits & Vegetables
Technical Traceability Methodology
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Career in Organic Farming?

The agriculture sector is getting better at producing more products with fewer hands and because land, machinery, seed and other farming supplies are becoming more expensive. Less successful farmers are likely to go out of business cos market pressures only leave room for more successful farmers using technology.

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Farm Key Organics is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


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