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Organic Tomatoes

chemicals free

Adding a large range of processed organic tomato products. Eco-awareness. More and more, consumers want organic, pesticide-free products different from those grown for the fresh market.

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Well Prepared Rice

Rice Organic farming is rapidly gaining recognition worldwide as a promising means to offer healthier food and to ensure environmental sustainability. It’s safe for humans and contributes to environmental preservation

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Stick Meat

Assorted cafes

Cut the organic beef into small rectangular cuboids and place them in a stick. Surrounded with the right organic seasoning and vegetables such as thyme, pepper, onions, fruits, toothpick and stock cube.

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Plantain Takeoffs

plantain takeoffs from the farm to the warehouse for processing.

Green Peas

Green Peas to Boost Your Health and Diet should be in every pantry

Salad Combo

Frozen organic green peas are sweet, tender and organically delicious.

chops & cakes

Purely organic and made under very hygienic conditions.

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Fruit Juice

Organic Cold Pressed Juice Drinks with Real Fruits and Vegetables Gluten Free Non-GMO Healthy Juices No Preservatives

Wheat recipes

Wheat & Top-quality flours produced cruches, baking recipes, kitchen tools and gadgets, and specialty baking ingredients.


An excellent source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, fiber and vitamin C – nutrients that help promote heart health.

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Palm oil kernel

If you are looking for an oil to substitute some or all of your coconut oil in a recipe, give organic palm kernel oil a try without chemicals added.


As consumer demand for organic food grows, organic certification is increasingly promoted in many developing countries

Garden Egg

Pure organic herbs are carefully extracted to retain all its medicinal value to increase sustainable value in our body.


To be certified organic, the ingredients have to make up at least 95% of the entire product. Increase antioxidants of vitamins

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Produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides.


Fish that are produced under natural conditions in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture without any use of preservative additives

Chicken Que

here’s also less of a difference between organic chicken and “genuinely” free-range chickens that are also reared to very high-welfare standards

Olive Oil

Olive oil has numerous benefits such as reducing heart problems, reduction of oxidation effect of cholesterol especially extra virgin

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Farm Key Organics is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


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